Emily Dickinson, I think in her own way was extremely outgoing it may not have been in a social manner but the way she explores her opinions in her poems says otherwise. She was brave in how she shared these thoughts and this engages with the reader. Her ability to offer such insight in her poems despite being so secluded from outside society is remarkable. She also believed in women’s rights and equality, she was determined to be in control and independent. Her poems are a reflection of her private life, the rich language within the poems offer a great range of feeling. Dickinson was unlike any other poet at the time, her style different which can be seen through her use of grammar and punctuation. This enables the reader to understand and connect with Dickinson during this time. This creates a meaningful connection between the reader and her poems as these poems are guided into her life and what how she perceived herself and the world surrounding her. Her strong opinions during that time can now encourage women like her to speak their mind and say what they believe in without the fear of judgement and negativity. She used her mind to inspire others without giving in to societies stereotypes and social norms, her poems reflect such character. This also inspires me as she encourages me to become a more confident writer!

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7 thoughts on “Blog 3: What is significant about Emily Dickinson?

  1. Hi Raina,
    I enjoyed your above blog on Emily Dickenson; I too agree that she is an inspiration to both women and budding writers alike. It’s always interesting to me to read about other peoples opinions as for me Dickenson was lonely and her works a reflection on her solitude. A couple of extra minutes to proofread before posting would improve the flow of your work.


  2. Hey Raina,

    Firstly, this is a great blog, good job!
    What a lovely blog describing Dickinson, her poetry and the meaning she professes behind them. I was surprised with the way you expressed her poetry in true fashion to her lifestyle and beliefs. Although your sentences are short and sharp they are straight to the point identifying the reasons why she chose to write the way she did.

    Moreover, if I did have anything to critic it might be that I thought your blog lacked a personal opinion. What I mean is although these facts about her are great maybe adding how they make you feel or how it makes readers feel in today’s day and age may add extra quality to an already great piece!

    Keep up the great work!

    – Annaliese


  3. Hey Raina,

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your piece on the significance of Emily Dickinson. I, too, personally think that Emily Dickinson’s values for woman’s rights and equality are reflected through her poetry. Emily Dickinson definitely conveys how powerful and impactful mere words can be. I also found it insightful that you provided an analysis of Emily Dickinson’s writing style to consolidate your opinion. To improve your piece, I think you should link your ideas to the question more often throughout your response. Otherwise, I think you did a wonderful job. Keep up the great work!


  4. Hi Raina,

    Love this post. Looking at Emily Dickinson as an outgoing person is definitely brave but not wrong. I do agree with you in some aspects. If she wasn’t outgoing in some ways you wouldn’t be able to send a strand of your hair to someone through the mail. She is definitely out there and her writing from a woman of her time does give me the courage to speak out my words and gives me the strength to experiment.

    Your blog looks beautiful. Just a suggestion, I think it would look nice if Emily’s photo was on the top, rather than the bottom. I didn’t see the photo until I scrolled down to comment. I think it’d be a good intro if you had the picture on the top.

    Overall, fantastic job!



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